Catering Services

Sri Saravana mess always provides the best catering services in Mettupalayam. We do services with the fullest satisfaction to our customers. We never fails to give our traditional taste to the foods and also quality of the foods. We give the best and attractive presentations in the catering services. The main attention is given in our service is to be clean, neat and hygiene. Is not only depends on our taste of the food and quality, it mainly depends on how we take care of our customers who seeks us. We do catering services for wedding functions, puberty functions, birthday parties, Farewell parties, and all other kinds of function and celebrations. We mainly focus on delivering the foods, decorations of the places. People who search the best place for parties and functions can blindly choose our Catering services, we always do our best.

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Wedding Function Catering Services

Sri Saravana Mess catering service is the best catering service in Mettupalayam. We do create a perfect south Indian dish for the marriages. Our well experienced team will always do the best in the functions.

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Birthday party Catering Services

Birthdays are one the special day in our life, make it more memorable with Sri Saravana Catering Service. We make the most attractive decorations and arrangements for the parties.

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Engagement function Catering Services

To make your engagement day more special, the best option is to choose Sri Saravana Mess Catering services. Our customized and clean foods, Quality and tasty foods will always win the heart of the eaters.

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Puberty function Catering services

We never fails to take part in the happiness of the puberty function. We are the experts in making the south Indian style foods. We provide the excellent hospitality service to our customers.

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Farewell party Catering Services

When all the friends hand bids together make it an auspicious day, fill it up by joy and happiness with Sri Saravana Mess catering Services. Let’s all gather and make it very special day.

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